Hackney Live is coming!

22 February 2013

Hackney Live is an online space for showcasing Hackney talent. It will offer live streaming and on demand content, which means you’ll never have to miss a thing! You’ll be able to access Hackney Live from mobile devices and computers from the comfort of your own home.

Ricky Norwood who plays Eastender's Fatboy will be hosting the event

Eastender’s Ricky Norwood (fatboy) rehearsing for Hackney Live.

Hackney Live will be launching on Monday 25 February 2013 with a three day showcase. These will include music, dance and contemporary arts.

The showcases will be screened at Hackney Empire on Monday and Tuesday from 7-8pm and you can tune in live online on Wednesday. There will also be live screenings at the Concord and Forest Road youth centres.

Monday 25 February 2013 – music showcase

A live band will be re-arranging a specially created track. It will teach the audience all about music production. You’ll be able to stream it live. The audience will be able to send in questions after through Facebook and Twitter.


Tuesday 26 February – dance showcase

Rising Tide will work with their most talented emerging artists and industry professionals to create an interactive dance showcase choreographed by Tony Adigun, creative director of Sky’s Got to Dance. The audience will be able to film their dance moves using an app called, Vine and send them via Twitter and Facebook. These will then be integrated into the dance performance. There will be a chance after for the audience to send in questions through Facebook and Twitter.


Wednesday 27 February

Pre-recorded comtemporary art videos will be showcased.


Get yourself down to one of the live screenings or over to the Hackney Live website to stream the show from home.



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